google drive large

Google Drive Free Cloud Storage

Get 5 free GB of cloud storage with Google Drive. Google Drive supports all types of files and has … [Read More}

free icloud storage

Free iCloud Storage for the Masses

The original idea of icloud is simple; to be able to access your files and sync all your hardware … [Read More}

benefit of personal cloud computing

Benefits of Personal Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Offers Unlimited Space A continuing trend and benefit to cloud computing is the … [Read More}

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Backupify with aws

Backupify Offsite Cloud Data Storage

The use of Web services is becoming more widespread. Thus, Hotmail, GMail, Flickr and Basecamp allows you to manage your … [More]

lacie cloudbox solution

Hybrid Cloud Backup with Cloudbox Hybrid Storage Solution 100 GB

CloudBox is the new hybrid cloud concept from LaCie for data backup. This hybrid solution combines the physical storage … [More]

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dropbox truecrypt free encryption software

Dropbox TrueCrypt Free Cloud Encryption Software

TrueCrypt and Dropbox: Dropbox files encrypted by TrueCrypt automatically. At least since the last data breach at … [More]

appsense data locker

AppSense DataLocker DropBox Encryption Tool

AppSense announced the creation of a new development department: AppSense Labs aims to explore cloud, mobile and data … [More]

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Evernote Android Application

The note-taking program Evernote has released a free version for Android devices. This can also move notes, recordings, … [More]

sugarsync online storage

SugarSync iPhone App

With the release of iOS 5 , Apple has made ​​available to users of its new online storage service: icloud has its … [More]

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